STEM for Her has teamed up with Qtego, a charitable event technology firm, to stream our live event.  

  1. Go to:
  2. If you have already registered, click the sign in button and enter your 4 digit pin.  
  3. If you have not registered, click the Register for Event button.  One you complete registration, your PIN will be sent via text message.  
  4. Finally, click the orange LIVE STREAM button in the top left hand corner.  Make sure the video is unmuted and your volume is turned on. 
  5. Click on the Chat button in the top right corner to view important announcements during the event.
  6. Once the main event is over, we will move to zoom for our trivia portion of the event!  Be sure to have your team name and stream (blue or green) ready.  That information (along with the zoom link) was provided to you in the Know Before You Go email sent by STEM for Her. Our trivia host can help anyone that has misplaced the information.

To find your Personal PIN, please refer to the Email sent from Stem for Her.  You may also check your text messages from Qtego. You will see the following link referenced:”

The last 4 characters of the link are your PIN. Ex: XXXX

If you are having trouble signing in, note the difference between the following: 1 (one) + l (lowercase L) 0 (zero) + o (lowercase O)

If the window is black, the stream is not currently active. The show will either begin shortly or it has ended.

Please check your text messages for updates on delayed start times.



Due to PCI compliance, we are not able to look up the card you put on file. However, you can always re-register with the credit card you would like to use. 

Yes! Simply re-register on the QLink (using the same phone number) with the new credit card you would like to use.

Yes! You will receive a text with a receipt once your payment has been processed.


Through the QSite (personal bidding website):
Step 1: Click the DONATE button.
Step 2: Choose a pre-determined amount OR type in any amount you would like to give.
Step 3: Click Submit!


Visit the Raffle ticket info section of the website HERE.  You can view the raffle items and click on the links to purchase. Please note that we will be selling a maximum of 100 tickets for each raffle items.

No!  You may purchase a raffle ticket even if you are not able to attend the event.

Winners will be announced at the end of the live program. If you are not in attendance, STEM for Her will contact you.

STEM for Her will make arrangements with you after the event.


Everyone with a ticket has been placed on a trivia team.  Your team name can be found in the email sent by STEM for Her prior to the event.

When you join the zoom with the provided link, please change your zoom screen name to your Trivia Team Name.

Each team will need a Captain.  The Captain will need to have a second device and will be responsible for sending in your team answers.  Our Trivia host will provide everyone with the instructions on how to do this once the event begins.


Please contact us at with any additional questions.

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