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Expand STEM for Her programming (partner-led, corporate sponsor-driven and SFH-led) in ways that deepen the impact and influence on participants in choosing STEM-related careers by building, growing and supporting programs that drive sustainable, long-term engagement with SFH programming.

A minimum of 50% of all SFH program participants participate in at least two SFH programs annually.
50% of all programs are SFH-led by end of 2021.
Develop a program path with at least 50% of SFH programming having a next step tie/component to another SFH program by the beginning of 2022.
All data on program participants is identified, gathered and readily available to support planning, data analysis and other initiatives beginning in 2021.

Expand STEM for Her programming (partner-led, corporate sponsor-driven and SFH-led) in ways that enable SFH to increase their reach with all girls and young women in the region, with an emphasis on increasing SFH’s reach and engagement among under-resourced girls and young women of color.

Increase the overall number of girls served by SFH by 20% in 2021 and 20% in 2022.
Recruit DEI board member who will lead efforts to define “under-resourced” population and targets for serving under-resourced population as a percentage of overall programs by end of 2020.
Increase and expand the variety of audiences served as evidenced by demographics such as: geographic, school district, economic level, parental/guardian career paths, etc. with a goal of ensuring program offerings across middle school, high school, college and early careers.
Programming includes representatives across all 4 STEM areas by mid-2022.

Increase funds raised to $1M per year by 2022.

Build a comprehensive 2021 fundraising plan by November 30, 2020.
Secure 10 corporate sponsors over $25K by Q2 2021.
Seek sponsors/donors to support programs by corporate priorities (ie., Capitol One for data analytics, topics related to the SFH theme for the year/quarter, etc.). Develop 2-3 corporate programs per year beginning in 2021.
Create an endowment program to support expanding SFH-led programming by Q2 2021.
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