Planned giving lets you give a gift that outlasts you.​

You should consult with your attorney and financial advisor.  Estate plans should be prepared by and with the advice of an attorney to ensure that your intentions are carried out. The Office of Gift Planning staff is available for additional information on the various methods of designating a bequest to STEM for Her.

STEM for Her offers flexible ways to give, including:

  1. Inclusion or a codicil to your will
  2. Inclusion or an amendment to your revocable trust
  3. A retirement plan beneficiary designation
  4. Naming STEM for Her as the beneficiary of your life insurance plan
  5. Charitable gift annuities
  6. Charitable remainder trusts
  7. IRA charitable rollovers
  8. Real estate
  9. Memorials and tribute gifts
  10. Endowed gifts
  11. Donor advised funds
  12. Appreciated securities

A general bequest, unrestricted as to purpose:
“I give (____ dollars) or (____ percent of my estate) to STEM for Her, a Virginia based charitable corporation, for the benefit of STEM for Her’s discretionary purposes.”

Designating STEM for Her as a beneficiary of your retirement plan can be a tax-efficient way to support our programs. STEM for Her receives all or a part of the plan assets in full, undiminished by estate and gift taxes.

Retirement accounts can be the most highly taxed assets many people hold, as they may be subject to both income tax when distributed as well as estate taxes.

By naming STEM for Her as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, the full amount of your legacy gift is available for a designation that you specify such as scholarship support, program expansion, or unrestricted funds that provide the organization with flexible support.

You can designate STEM for Her as a beneficiary of part or all the remainder of your IRA or retirement plan.

How it Works

Request a beneficiary designation form from your plan’s administrator. Many plans permit you to make the change directly online.

Complete the (printed or online) form using the following suggested language: STEM for Her Foundation, for the benefit of STEM for Her.

Important Facts

  1. Any individual who is 70½ or older can transfer tax-free gifts (maximum $100,000 each year) directly from their IRA to STEM for Her using the Qualified Charitable Distribution.
  2. CARES Act tax incentives have been expanded in 2021, click here to find out more information.  

The Office of Gift Planning welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your clients on tax-efficient ways to support STEM for Her. Please contact us directly for information or confidential assistance.

All charitable gifts should be directed to STEM for Her Foundation.

STEM for Her’s federal taxpayer identification number is 90-0136831.

When considering STEM for Her in your giving, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I most interested in making a gift to STEM for Her that: 

    • Allows me to see my gifts in action during my lifetime?
    • Leaves a legacy and will benefit our mission after my lifetime.

    The financial benefit that most interests me is:

    • Retaining flexibility and control of my assets.
    • Saving on estate taxes.
    • Obtaining an income tax deduction.


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