STEM for Her Announces Scholarship Winners 2020


FALLS CHURCH, Va., Oct. 13, 2020 — STEM for Her is excited to announce the winners of the inaugural STEM for Her Scholarship Program and to award scholarships of $5,000 each to two amazing young women who demonstrated both a passion for STEM and articulated their future goals.

STEM for Her is focused on championing programs and initiatives that foster enthusiasm and inspires girls and women to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and math fields of study in the Washington DC Metro Area.

“During the pandemic, STEM for Her has been very busy, trying to help our participants pursue their goals to achieve careers in STEM through a variety of programs, including virtual panels and programs and launching our inaugural scholarship program,” said Lisa Mayr, Chair of STEM for Her. “We were thrilled to receive many qualified applications and we are incredibly proud of these two young ladies whose applications and goals were extraordinary.”

The Louise Peabody Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Sarah Gu, a 2020 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School. She is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree at Columbia University’s School of Engineering. “STEM represents endless discovery and endless enjoyment. There’s always another question to be answered, another piece of the puzzle to put into place, and I can’t wait to tie that into my future – whether it be through advancing computer science research, or passing along my passion for STEM to the next generation!”

The Dede Haskins Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Sydney Payne, a 2020 graduate from Hayfield Secondary School, who is currently pre-med at Spelman College in Atlanta Georgia. Sydney plans to pursue a career in medicine. “My goal is to become a pediatrician and focus on treating young children in need of healthcare. I’ll be a role model for young women of color and for all girls who want to use their interest in science, math and technology, to pursue medical degrees.”

Learn more about STEM for Her’s scholarships and this year’s recipients.

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