Thank You to Our Volunteers

On Thursday, March 2, 2017, STEM for Her volunteers & prospects gathered at Coastal Flats for our annual Appreciation event. Recognized Volunteers: Antoinette Jones, Athena Gordon, Brianne O’Neill, Cayla Evans, Cindy Wallace, Darshana Hamond, Erika Thompson, Jamil Lorraine Brightwell, Jennifer Bugard, Julia Nelson, Karen Greene, Keena Jones, Shelley Marie Brown-Phillips, Sarah Sims, Valerie Wang (Holiday Giving Gala); Diane Griffin, Emily Zasada, Katy Pugh, Kendra Klossner (Marketing & Communications); Durgesh Das, Kowlini Inampudi, Shobhit Gupta, Suzanne Reed (Programs); Abby Balik, Brooke Caison (Strategic Alliances). In addition, Corrine Pitts (Marketing) and Jessica Simpkins (Holiday Giving Gala) were recognized as Committee Members of the Year, and Emily Walters was recognized as the STEM for Her Volunteer of the Year for her significant contribution in leading Sponsorships for the Holiday Giving Gala. 

As a 100% volunteer run organization, STEM for Her appreciates the contribution of all its volunteers, and our programs wouldn’t be possible without their support.  If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact:

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