Today is International Women’s Day


On this day, we want to celebrate by sharing inspiring quotes from amazing women that are part of our partner companies and who make it possible for us to continue to support girls in STEM.


“Be confident enough in who you are not to be bothered by someone else’s insecurities.” 
-Haily Nguyen, Belcan


“As a woman leader at a STEM company, I am inspired by organizations that foster programs that excite and encourage young girls to seek careers in STEM.  STEM for Her is playing a critical role in preparing our youngest generation of women to become the creators, innovators and leaders of tomorrow.” -Barbara Wyatt, Blackboard


“One thing I have learned about working as a female professional in the technology industry is that confidence is key to moving your career forward.  Be confident in yourself, what you know, and what you don’t. Do not fear the unknown as it is crucial for development and will contribute to your success.” -Lauren Cowans, Microstrategy

As you know, we promote education to create awareness, excitement, and opportunities among girls and young women to pursue successful STEM-related careers. Help us fund these programs and donate today!

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