What Advice Would You Give Yourself?


STEM for Her is launching a new blog in 2020 because one of the benefits we offer to our girls and young women is advice and guidance based on the experiences of a knowledgeable group of women professionals. We hear over and over again from our program participants that they find this advice to be invaluable. In each blog post we will be asking our community of professionals a question that will provide wise advice.

What advice would you give yourself when you were in middle or high school or college?

To my middle school self, look for opportunities and take chances. Try new things, forget what your friends may say if it does not agree with what you know is true about yourself.

To my high school self, stop hiding, be proud that you like math and science and do well in school but don’t forget to have some fun.

To my college self, don’t be afraid to fail. When you fall the fastest and the hardest, you learn the most but only if you are willing to do so. Don’t blame others, you are responsible for your actions and your failures. Be sure to thank those who contributed to your successes. Seize opportunities even when your heart is pounding and you are afraid to do so!

STEM for Her Advisory Council Member, Angela Leimkuhler Moran, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Volgenau Chair for STEM Education and Outreach
Director, STEM Center for Education and Outreach
United States Naval Academy

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